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Lean Six Sigma Series No. 6: Pursue your passion towards excellence


We sat down with Meenakshi Biju, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and asked her valuable insights as she completed another milestone in her Lean Six Sigma journey. Meenakshi is the  Service Delivery Lead of Panalpina Global Service based in Mumbai, India.


Whitehall:  What was your key learning from your GB project?

Meenakshi: There were quite a lot of learning – to list a few

  • A structured formatted approach which helps individuals and group to define the problem and work towards achieving the desired outcome
  • As all organization focus on customer satisfaction, implementing lean sigma to improve quality and timeliness can help to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Helps in process standardization
  •  Helps in improving internal performance


Whitehall:  How does the program impact your work and career?

Meenakshi: This program taught me there are various ways to define the problem and even what seems to be a small problem can have a huge impact on business and customer – so look into each problem and apply sigma methodology to improve and stabilize the problem. It will give me the opportunity to manage the business in a better way using data-driven statistical analysis and driver performance.

Whitehall:  What advice do you give to aspiring GBs?

Meenakshi: One word please go for GB or BB (black belt certification) this will help you in achieving a professional approach in each problem that one comes across or is brought to our notice

Whitehall: What is your plan to continue practicing as a GB?

Meenakshi: Practicing GB is one of my desire currently worked on the project with support from a coach now want to run the project independently and inspire more people to come forward and learn six sigma methodology

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Lean Six Sigma Series No. 5: Tips for the aspiring certified Lean Six Sigma professional

What motivates a lean six sigma professional? How do they overcome project challenges? We sat down with Anne Jonai Pascual, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and asked her experiences. Read on to gain valuable insights from an experienced practitioner in the field. Jonai is the Continuous Improvement Engineer of a premium home appliance manufacturer with operations in the Philippines. 

What’s your motivation in completing your project?

 I want to be certified in six sigma and that is my ultimate motivation why I push myself to complete the Green Belt project. Doing this project is not very simple although I already have a background from my previous job. Aside from the certification, to contribute to the company objectives is also one of my goals.

What difficulties did you face and how did you overcome it?

 My project focused on scrap rate reduction which is not my expertise and this is one of the challenges for completing the project. Personally, I don’t know where to start but through the help of my support team from process and equipment engineering, step by step I learned through them and it helps me a lot to finish my project.

What advice do you give to aspiring Green Belts?      

  I learned from everyone, especially from my team and the support of my superior. My advice to those who will take the Six Sigma certification is to be passionate and never stop learning if you dreamed of something.


Level up your career. Start your Lean Six Sigma journey now. To know more, send us an email: info@whitehall.com.ph