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Whitehall Consulting’s Update: Celebrating Big Achievements

We’ve got some exciting news to share! In our latest newsletter, we’re talking about Arvin Lester P. Busuego and Eillien G. Fernandez. Both of them have done something really special: they’ve earned the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. It’s a big stamp of approval that shows they’re experts at what they do.

Their stories are about hard work, never giving up, and pushing to be the best. And we at Whitehall Consulting are super proud because we’ve been with them on this journey.

Want to know more about what they did and how they reached their goals? And how we help people like them shine? Dive into our newsletter and get all the details!

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Empowering Innovation: Yamaha Motors Philippines’ Transformative Workshop on Creative Thinking

Yamaha Motors Philippines delved into the realm of innovative thinking with a transformative workshop on “Creative Thinking: Cultivating Innovative Thinking and Disruptive Innovation”. Facilitated by the distinguished Arlaine Ostonal, the event underscored Yamaha’s dedication to fostering a culture of disruptive creativity. With topics ranging from design thinking to the SCAMPER technique, 30 enthusiastic participants from YMPH were equipped with tools to redefine industries. The immersive day emphasized active engagement, ending with commitment actions to encourage ongoing creative growth. This initiative not only enhances individual prowess but propels Yamaha towards industry leadership, championing innovation’s pivotal role in modern business.

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Shaping the Future: Highlights from Our NPS Collaboration with Synchrony

Shaping the Future: Highlights from Our NPS Collaboration with Synchrony

In the dynamic realm of business consulting, every engagement offers an opportunity to fortify our commitment to excellence. Our recent NPS training with Synchrony stands as a shining example. This wasn’t merely a training session; it was an intersection of vision, expertise, and actionable insights.

To ensure transparency and knowledge sharing, we’ve meticulously documented this collaboration in our latest newsletter. Through this, we aim to encapsulate not just the event’s highlights but the transformative strategies and insights that emerged.

In an era of relentless evolution, our partnership with teams like Synchrony underscores our dedication to driving change, shaping futures, and reimagining business possibilities.

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