Philippines’ 2 New Reputable Certified Six Sigma Black Belts

MAKATI CITY, Philippines – Rex “The Six Sigma Guy” Tuozo, Whitehall Consulting and Six Sigma Philippines’ Six Sigma Master Black Belt awarded Six Sigma Black Belt certification to Mark Reinard Sarsonas and Francis Nepomuceno II.

Mark Reinard Sarsonas is the Senior Manager for Quality and Training at, an Australian listed freelancing, crowdsourcing, and outsourcing company. His project focused on reduction of number of unaudited tickets which resulted to a more reliable representation of the site’s quality, improve work-life balance of QA personnel by reduction of OT spent to meet the target, cost savings in terms of cost of tickets estimated to reach 2,600 AUD in 1 year, and compliance with the Privacy Act & Australian consumer law, where a single breach could cost the company 20k to 2.2 MM AUD. Mark has over 10 years of experience in managing quality and learning and development functions for support center environment. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the AMA University in 2006.

Francis Nepomuceno II is a Management Trainee – Operational Excellence of Right Goods Philippines, a Consumer Goods company, and subsidiary of Gamboa Group of Companies. His project has reduced the monthly trade returns by 30%, which resulted to an actual cost savings of P25.3 MM in the first two months, andprojected to have an annualized cost savings of P152 million pesos. It has also reduced the salary expense of man-hours spent on re-work, reduce opportunity cost of unsold inventory, reduce inefficient loading expense on wasted truck capacity allocated for will-be returned goods, and improve customer relationship.Francis earned his BS Communications Technology Management, Marketing, Minor in Enterprise Development at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2014.

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