About Us

With our consultants’ exquisite credentials and proven experience in accelerating the competency of professionals, Whitehall is one of the forefront training and consulting companies providing best practice solutions and sustained application of learning.


We aim to be the Philippines’ leading partner in developing world class experts.


We are here to enable our industry partners to create sustainable business value by providing them best practice solutions.


Company Values

Client Success.
We put the client’s interest first. We listen and understand our client’s needs.
We provide honest and unbiased feedback. We uphold confidentiality of client’s disclosed information.
We are committed to long-term partnerships. We embed the capability in the organization’s culture.
Results Driven.
We deliver results as committed, with speed and agility. We facilitate holistic and best practice solutions.

Why Whitehall?

  1. We are not a training hit and run company. We ensure sustainability of learning.
  2. We are a management consulting company that provides best practice solutions.
  3. We believe that every engagement is unique and requires a customized approach.
  4. We believe in telling customers what we really see.
  5. We believe in checking up with our customers months and years after an engagement.


How we do things

  1. We take the time to understand our clients pain points and ambition.
  2. We analyze the current situation.
  3. We customize development programs
  4. We help clients embed the learning into culture
  5. We regularly check progress after the engagement.