Agility Is the New Business Excellence

Building an Agile Culture could have the most significant effect on your organization’s long-term success. In today’s ever-competitive business landscape, organizational agility is necessary. And when we speak of “organizational”, this includes everyone in the company – from its senior leaders, down to the entry-level individual contributors.

Being adaptable is the key, and one way to accomplish that is to create the culture that has the built-in capacity for agility. The winners of the future will be those who can out-change both the competition and external forces.

The greatest benefit of using an agile approach is having the (1) first-mover advantage over your company’s competitors. While competition is busy planning and perfecting, your company is already on the ground, growing the revenue.

Working at a fast speed, and iterating quickly can become (2) exciting and motivating for all of your employees. The progress principle serves as a motivation, and working on the same project for months, with little to no results, can be quite demotivating.

Another thing is that your (3) customers are always involved. They get a constant sense that your organization is growing, and allows you to adjust to customers demands, keeping them happy and with you longer.

Creating a culture of agility is possible and should be the first strategic priority because it is the culture that spawns an organization’s ability to adjust in any direction and execute any strategy.

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