How to overcome resistance to change

In an organization with flatter hierarchical structures, high impact teams are smaller, agile and are formed to benefit from individual specialization without regard to a ‘pecking order’. Even though these teams are assigned to provide maximum flexibility in a continuous changing environment, there are still some who are resistant to change.

Overcoming resistance to change in an organization  doesn’t have to be a constant battle. Change transformation requires forward-looking and proactive energy, so resistance to change can be reduced and eventually eliminated.

Do you know that according to the 2013 PwC survey, nearly ⅔ of employees surveyed felt that top leaders are responsible for change and half felt that top leaders should be in charge of cultural change?

To influence those who are resistant to change, a leader must be potent to change. Here are 7 strategies for overcoming resistance to change in an organization:

  1. Structure the team to maximize its potential

  2. Set challenging, achievable and engaging targets

  3. Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively

  4. Show passion

  5. Be persuasive

  6. Empower innovation and creativity

  7. Remain positive and supportive

Employees expect their leaders to manage changes. Leaders create a culture where change becomes the responsibility of all.

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