Improving Business Results using Lean Six Sigma

What is the value of a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in a business? We sat down with April Musa-Marinay, entrepreneur and business owner of BOAZ  Pest Control Services, and asked exactly the same questions you may have.

Why did you seek professional certification?

Would like to be certified. Also to resolve some issues at the office Six Sigma way.

What value has the certification brought to you and your business?

While doing DMAIC, a lot have been processed and resolved in between. Just by doing the Swim Lane and SIPOC through brainstorming with the group, awareness and consciousness of each team member arose. More collaboration efforts have been observed with the team too. It also paved the way for clarifying job standards and key performance indicators for employees.

 How did the professional certification help you grow in your role?

I have become more critical and objective in analyzing things. I have become aware of the importance of participative leadership instead of the authoritative leadership I do before.

What is your key take away from your professional certification journey?

Looking back at how I consolidated my data set for the GB project, I reckon the data shows a lot of noise (outliers). So much of my energy and annoyance were spent being angry about this, but when I removed the outliers, and my data have normalized, I realized that we still are in a pretty bad position, but not really that bad. The Certification helped me look better at the information that is being shown my way, instead of being reactive to a non-conclusive set of information. I think it made me do my job better as a manager and as an entrepreneur.

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