Lean Six Sigma Series No.11: Skillset Improvement with Lean Six Sigma

Working remotely in the midst of a pandemic? Want to improve your organization’s work processes? Want to LEVEL-UP your career? Yuri Go, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green belt answered YES! to all. Let’s read about his Lean Six Sigma journey. 

Whitehall: Why did you seek professional certification?

Yuri: As someone who does automation, process improvement, and data analytics, I know that the learning process to get the certification will help me improve my skillset and the way I tackle process improvement in my work.

Whitehall: What value has the certification brought to your career?

 Yuri: it’s too early to say, but I’m confident that this certification will be key equipment in my arsenal.

Whitehall: How did the professional certification help you grow in your role?

Yuri: It widened my perspective on how to analyze data and it also helped me structure the way I work.

Whitehall: What is your key takeaway from your professional certification journey?

 Yuri: I came out full of learning and a certificate too! Woo hoo!

Achieve your professional goals with Lean Six Sigma. Enroll in the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt starts on April 16 via Zoom. Click here for more details. Reply to this email to reserve your seat.

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