Scrum Master Certified with Sykes Asia

Regional IS- Applications Development team of Sykes Asia partnered with Whitehall Consulting in the development of Scrum Master Certified resources to support the corporate’s digital transformation. 

The journey started with a two-day learning event followed by workplace coaching by seasoned agile coaches. Five teams transitioned from a traditional waterfall project life cycle model to the flexible scrum approach. Scrum is a proven approach for managing projects where speed and flexibility is a priority. Scrum teams deliver working products in cycles of 1-4 weeks, called sprints. Some of the practices of scrum teams include stand-up meetings, product backlog prioritization, and sprint retrospective.

 A daily stand-up meeting normally takes 15 minutes and tackles the three questions: (1) What did I accomplish yesterday? (2) What do I commit to complete today? and (3) What prevents me from progressing?

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