Team meetings- The Agile way

How would you describe the last meeting you attended? Was it productive? Did you accomplish your objective? Was there genuine interaction among members? Making team meetings effective has been the goal of many organizations because it consumes much of our working hours.

How do agile teams conduct their meetings that we can easily learn from?

The daily stand-up meeting is a common practice among agile teams. It focuses on the team’s effort on the priority tasks for the day. The team holds the meeting each morning and keeps the duration to a minimum, not more than 15 minutes.

Each member of the team alternately shares their responses to the 3 questions: 

  • What did I accomplish yesterday?

  • What do I commit to accomplishing today? 

  • What are the barriers preventing me to complete my priority? 

Anything outside of these questions such as problem-solving or idea generation is done outside of the daily stand-up.

Expert tip:

Conduct the meeting in-person whenever possible. Hold it in front of a visual board commonly referred to as scrum or kanban board. More on these in the next newsletter. Stay tuned.

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