Change Management on Sep 6 & 7 Virtual Classroom

The Adaptive Change Management Program is a comprehensive training initiative designed to equip professionals with the skills and insights necessary to navigate and lead change in dynamic business environments.

This program covers a spectrum of topics from assessing change impacts, strategic planning, to implementing and sustaining change. Emphasizing adaptive strategies, inclusive framework designs, and global perspectives, it integrates theoretical models with practical, real-world applications. Interactive modules, case studies, and role-playing exercises enhance learning, preparing participants to adeptly manage and drive effective change in their organizations..

Learning Objectives: By the end of the training event, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, history, and evolution of adaptive change management theories and practices.
  • Learn advanced techniques for assessing the impact of change and evaluating organizational readiness, applying these skills to real-world scenarios.
  • Acquire the ability to formulate and implement agile and adaptive change strategies, drawing insights from global case studies.
  • Learn to integrate digital tools and develop inclusive, culturally sensitive change plans using established models like Kotter’s, Lewin’s, and ADKAR.
  • Develop advanced leadership and communication skills essential for driving adaptive change effectively in diverse organizational environments.


Training Outline:

  1. Introduction to Adaptive Change Management
    • Exploring the Foundations and Evolution
    • Integrating Adaptive Strategies with Business Objectives
  2. Deep Dive into Change Analysis
    • Advanced Techniques for Impact and Readiness Assessment
    • Detailed Case Studies and Real-World Applications
  3. Strategic Planning for Adaptive Change
    • Crafting and Implementing Agile Change Strategies
    • In-Depth Analysis of Successful Global Change Initiatives
  4. Comprehensive Adaptive Change Framework Design
    • Integration of Cutting-Edge Digital Tools
    • Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Change Models (Kotter’s, Lewin’s, ADKAR)
    • Customization for Diverse Organizational Contexts
  5. Executing Adaptive Change Management Plans
    • Advanced Strategies to Overcome Resistance
    • Robust Metrics and KPIs for Measuring Effectiveness
  6. Ensuring Long-Term Change Integration
    • Techniques for Sustaining Change and Building Adaptability
    • Strategies for Cultivating a Resilient Organizational Culture
  7. Leadership Dynamics in Adaptive Change
    • Developing Adaptive Leadership Skills
    • Communication Excellence in Diverse Settings
  8. Ethical Practices and Global Perspectives
    • Navigating Ethical Issues in Change Management
    • Managing Change in a Globalized Business Environment
  9. Interactive Learning Modules
    • Role-Playing and Simulation Exercises
    • Collaborative Analysis of Contemporary Case Studies
  10. Conclusion and Future Directions
    • Recap of Core Concepts and Strategies
    • Discussion on Emerging Trends and Future Challenges in Change Management


Delivery Method: This training event will be delivered using a blend of instructional strategies to facilitate an engaging and effective learning experience. The event includes:

  • Interactive Lectures: Use engaging presentations to explain key concepts, supplemented with real-life examples and case studies.
  • Group Workshops: Conduct workshops where participants can apply the concepts in simulated scenarios, encouraging collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Role-Playing Activities: Implement role-playing exercises to simulate real-life change management situations, enhancing practical understanding.
  • Case Study Analysis: Provide detailed case studies for analysis, fostering critical thinking and application of theories.
  • Online Learning Modules: Utilize digital platforms for interactive learning modules, quizzes, and forums for discussion and feedback.


Learning Investment

  • Regular Rate: Php 4,990.00 (VAT inclusive), Payable until September 5, 2024 only.
  • Super Saver Promo: Php 3,990.00 (VAT inclusive), Payable until August 15, 2024 only.


Modes of Payment: 

  • Deposit Cash or Cheque at any Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branches nationwide (Account Number: 4141-0002-55)
  • Online fund transfer thru BPI Express Online and other Bank’s online facility
  • Mobile payment app GCash and PayMaya using the bank transfer feature
    1. Inside the Gcash main screen, select Bank Transfer
    2. Select BPI
    3. Enter Amount, Account Name (WHITEHALL BRADFORD MGMT) and Account Number (4141000255) using the provided bank account details.  Tap on SEND MONEY.
    4. Credit card via PayPal.  Participants will shoulder PayPal fees of 4.4% + Php 15.00 and expect payment instruction to be sent to your email.


Inclusions: The training package includes access to all training materials, interactive sessions, case studies, and post-training resources. As this is a virtual event, we recommend a stable internet connection for the best experience.


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Certification: Participants who successfully complete the training will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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